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Fiddle of 8 Records is the own-label of the UK band FolkLaw, helping the band to record and release their two most recent studio albums:


We Will Rise (2019)

"fantastic - We Will Rise from FolkLaw" - BBC Radio Lincolnshire - George Smith

"perfect to jump up and down to in a festival crowd!" - FATEA - read the full review

"bloody good... ...the quality just shines through." - star icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparent - Rock and Reel

"grit and passion... ...courage and truth" - Maverick Music Magazine

"thoughtful and stirring" - Julian Cole - EDS Magazine - EFDSS - full review in Spring 2019 edition

"great track... ...brilliant band" - BBC Radio Bristol - Johnny Coppin

"great musicianship and lyrics! ...fresh and fiery fiddling and lilting, lifting vocals" - Shire Folk magazine

"everything you could possibly ask for and more" - SLAP magazine - read the full review

"If you're a fan of fiddle driven foot tapping songs, then this is an album for you!" - - read the full review

"Driving, insistent, foot-tapping folk rock that takes no prisoners." - Living Tradition

"beautiful fiddle and flute melodies" - Time Past and Time Passing - read the full review

"motifs mélodiques d'une grande beauté" - star icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparent - Forces Parallèles (France) - read the full review

"holds the listener from start to finish" - Rhythm and Booze - read the full review

"Von der Geige angetrieben und mit perfekten Gesängen perfektioniert,
lassen sie den Zuhörer keinen Augenblick aus ihrem Bann...
...FolkLaw sind Leben pur!"
- Celtic - read the full review

"A thought-provoking and inspiring album" - Morning Star Newspaper - read the full review

"style and heart" - FolkWorld (Germany) - read the full review

"Gold standard of folk music" - Irish Music Magazine - read the full review

"An utter joy" and accoladed a 'stand out' release of 2019 - The Musician - Official Journal of the Musician's Union

Smokey Joe (2016)

"music to make you laugh and dance... ...a milestone of folk music" - - read the full review

"outstanding and evocative" - FATEA - read the full review

"superbly laid folk... ...blazes a trail that even the devil cannot follow" - Liverpool Sound and Vision - read the full review

"amazing bluegrass infused" with "a passion for life" - Celtic-Folk-Punk radio / blogspot - read the full review

"folk dans sa forme la plus pure et la plus belle" - star icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparent - Forces Parallèles (France) - read the full review

"Bursting with a sense of community and camaraderie" - SongLines Magazine - Songlines issue 123

"eingängigen Riffs und sofort mitsingbaren Refrains!" - (Germany) - read the full review

"ein Album, das über volle Länge überzeugt und süchtig macht!" - (Germany) - read the full review

"intoxicating... ...a great mix of different styles" - Adolf "Gorhand" Goriup - (Germany) - read the full review

"vibrant fiddling" - David Hintz - (Germany) - read the full review

"made for stadium gigs" - Stirrings Magazine - Stirrings issue 169

"vibrant and energizing" - Mike Brocken - BBC Folk Scene

"Stylish passionate folk rock" - star icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparentstar icon transparent - R2 Magazine
Smokey Joe booklet from Fiddle of 8 Records

Available by mail order from and as mp3 downloads from iTunes,,


FolkLaw's releases on Fiddle of 8 Records have received radio play far and wide, across the UK, Europe and North America, including
BBC Radio Lincolnshire - George Smith - Thursday night folk - We Will Rise
BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Gloucestershire,
BBC Wiltshire & BBC Somerset - Johnny Coppin - Rocks of the Burren
BBC Radio Shropshire - Genevieve Tudor - We Will Rise
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Sue Marchant "The Folk Show" - We Will Rise
Argyle FM - Folk at Five - Rocks of the Burren, We Will Rise, Last Days Of Summer, Crazy for the Girl, Hills of our Minds
Black Country Radio- We Will Rise, Rocks of the Burren, Love Again, Hills of our Minds
EDS Classic Folk Show - Mike Norris - Rocks of the Burren.
Forest FM - Forest Folk - "Featured Album" (listen again) - We Will Rise, Rocks of the Burren, Folky Pirates
Moorlands Radio, Cheshire - the Anything Goes roots show - Hills of our Minds
Tempo FM North Yorks - FAB Folk and Blues show (listen again)- Hills Of Our Minds
West Norfolk Radio - Crazy For the Girl
The Acoustic Yard (Ireland) - Rocks of the Burren
BCB Radio Bradford - "Into The Buttercup" roots show - We Will Rise
10radio FM - the Folk, Roots, & Branches show - Negen (Nayhoo)
Darlo Radio FM - Liz Franklin's FolkUs - Rocks of the Burren
Dean Radio FM - Clive Southerton's Acoustic Show - We Will Rise
and Chris Arscott's Folk show - We Will Rise , Rocks of the Burren
Swindon 105.5FM - Mike Ganley's Crooked Road show - One Too Far
West Hull FM, Vixen 101 FM , Drystone Radio FM and Beverley FM - The Folk Hour - We Will Rise, Last Days Of Summer
Felixstowe Radio - We Will Rise
Sine FM - We Will Rise
Wycombe Sound FM - the Roots Collective show - Last Days of Summer
TME FM - We Will Rise, Love Again
Big Ear Radio - the Folk show with Trevor Krueger - Angles Wings, We Will Rise
Radio Winchcombe FM - The Folk Show with Kevin O - (listen again) - We Will Rise
Leicestershire's Hermitage FM the Hermitage Folk Show - We Will Rise, Angels Wings
Bradley Stoke Radio - FM103.4 - On the Jelli Records Show - Baby You've Changed
Mystery Train Radio - We Will Rise, Love Again, Hills of our Minds
Future Radio - Norfolk, Acoustic and Eclectic show - One Too Far
Radio Caroline - Angels Wings, My Town Revisited
From Albion and Beyond - Arkansas, USA - We Will Rise
Eden FM - Liz Franklin's Folk Show - We Will Rise
Rainy Days Radio- FRANCE - One Too Far
Lionheart FM - We Will Rise, Rocks of the Burren, Nayhoo, Talk to Me, Mad Fiddler, Gloucester Boys, My Time
BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester
and BBC Radio Stoke - Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk - Talk to Me, Mad Fiddler
Severn FM - Phil Meeks Mostly Summer Playlist & Alex Huskisson's Mystery Train - One Too Far, Smokey Joe, GloucesterBoys
BBC Radio Gloucester - Johnny Coppin's show - Smokey Joe
BBC Radio Merseyside - Mike Brocken's Folk Scene - Smokey Joe
Bishop FM - Smokey Joe
Dapper FM (Dave Chamberlains acoustic routes) - Folky Pirates, Waterways of England, Gloucester Boys
Nova FM with Gary Hazlehurst - We Will Rise, Mad Fiddler, Waterways of England, Forever and a Day
Radio Warwickshire - Seeds of Freedom
ReadiFolk Radio on Blast FM - Leaves of Gold, Smokey Joe
Blues and Roots Radio - Smokey Joe
West Norfolk Radio - Smokey Joe, Cradle to the Grave
EFDSS Mike Norris Classic Folk Show - Seeds of Freedom
South Birmingham Radio - Conquer Trees
Triangle FM (Chris arscotts folk and acoustic show) Smokey Joe
MacSlons Irish Pub Radio- (Germany)
Black Country Radio- Smokey Joe, Talk To Me, My Time, Gloucester Boys
Sounds of Folk on Oldham Community Radio- Mad Fiddler, Talk To Me, I Made Them, Cradle to the Grave
UK Folk Music Radio - Talk to Me
Folk n Roots Radio - (Canada) Waterways of England, I Made Them
Emission Chemins de Terre - (France) Rocks of the Burren

About FolkLaw

FolkLaw are a fiddle-driven folk band from the Cotswolds in the UK singing foot-tapping songs of social conscience. With an engaging stage show and catchy choruses, FolkLaw have travelled to festivals far and wide and delighted audiences young and old.
Fiddle of 8 Records
FolkLaw are:      and with special guests on "We Will Rise":
For more details see the band's website and social media pages at:


In the making and release of FolkLaws albums, Fiddle of 8 Records have collaborated with some fantastic people with a real passion for music.

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